Springs for ALL your needs!

Cairns Spring Works and Engineering has a huge range of springs in stock – from tiny to up to 16 mm gauge. These springs are ready to be sold over the counter or dispatched to customers by courier.

We also manufacture springs to specification. If we don’t have the spring you need already, chances are we can make it for you, to your exact requirements.

Finally, we source some of our springs from other major suppliers around Australia, to ensure we provide the most comprehensive and affordable range of springs.

Many of our orders come from far outside our region; we service the whole of Australia.

We make it easy to order Springs!

To make ordering more efficient we’ve photographed some of the more common springs we handle regularly. Check out our ‘Match your Spring‘ gallery.

In the gallery, each type of spring is identified by a code number. If you make of note of that code it may ordering easier when you contact us.

Of course, it’s best of all if you already have a sample of the spring you need. A physical specimen ensures the most reliable match – so if you have one, please bring it in or mail it to us.

If in doubt,  contact us for more info and a quote.

Types of Springs

We deal with four main varieties of springs:

Compression Springs

Compression Springs are designed to compress and become shorter under a compressive load. A compression is typically a cylindrical coil, but other types of springs and spring-like objects are used as compression springs in special applications.

Compression Springs

Tapered Springs

A special variety of Compression Springs that are conical in shape (as opposed to cylindrical coils with uniform width).

Tapered (Conical) Springs

Tension Springs

Tension Springs – also known as as Extension Springs – are designed to support tensile (pulling) loads. They’re usually cylindrical, with hooks at both ends.

Tension springs

Torsion Springs

These springs transmit torque in machines by bending in one or two directions, depending on the type of torque needed. Unlike the springs listed above that operate on forces parallel to a spring’s axis, they apply force perpendicular to the axis.

Torsion springs

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